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Past, Present, Future - Outstanding, Local Customer Service

Muscatine Power and Water has been a backbone of the community, serving our customer/owners with dependable, low-cost water, electric, and communications services. Most of our nearly 300 employees live in Muscatine and take personal pride in the jobs that they do. Many changes have taken place since our early years, but one thing remains the same – our commitment to providing outstanding, local customer service and our dedication to delivering the most reliable and affordable utility services possible.

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Muscatine’s first power line
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Fiber comes to Muscatine


Enhanced Lighting Near Soccer Complex Improves Safety & Beautifies

Complimenting the City of Muscatine’s existing area improvements with new street lighting features, MPW enhanced the quality of street lighting along Houser Street, increasing visibility for both pedestrians and vehicle traffic.


MPW Secures Water Supply for Decades to Come

A major expansion of the Grandview Avenue Wellfield and Water Treatment Center provides a reliable, plentiful, and high-quality water supply, estimated to meet the Muscatine area’s needs for decades.

2018 - Present

Mississippi Drive Corridor Improvement Project

As part of the project, high voltage transmission and distribution lines are being moved underground for enhanced reliability and river-front beautification.

While the roadway was excavated, MPW installed underground conduits and vaults for electric lines, water mains and communications infrastructure.


Structural Strengthening of Network Operations Center (NOC)

The expanded NOC was hardened with a concrete shell capable of withstanding 250+ mph winds (EF 5 tornado).


Fiber Comes to Muscatine

Ground was officially broken in 2017, officially kicking off MPW’s Fiber to the Home project, aimed to replace all existing coaxial cable with fiber-optics directly to each home and business, making Muscatine and Fruitland “Gigabit” cities.


MPW Diversifies Energy Portfolio With Renewables

In 2016, MPW and local officials celebrated the beginning of the Utility’s first foray into large-scale renewable energy production with the South Fork Wind Farm generating energy exclusively for MPW, with a projected annual output of 52,000,000 kWh.


First of its Kind Across the Mississippi

In 2012, the Norbert F. Beckey Bridge was outfitted with 43 LED lights. The computer controlled light system can generete 16.7 million color combinations. MPW maintains the fixtures and manages the light show at no cost to the City of Muscatine.


Mother Nature Strikes Muscatine Hard

MPW worked through many weather events repairing infrastructure as a result of an ice storm, tornado and high winds.

2002 - 2003

MPW Purchases Cable System Owned by Mediacom Communications

In 2002, the Board of Trustees ratified an asst purchase agreement allowing MPW to purchase the local cable system owned by Mediacom at the time.


MPW Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

MPW celebrated its 100-year anniversary of municipal water operations in Muscatine.

1998 - 1999

MachLink Internet and MPW Cable Launched

A Communications “head-end” was established to receive, process and distribute TV and Internet.

1996 - 1997

MPW Becomes a Communications Utility

In 1996, a community taskforce study, led by the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Muscatine Development Corporation, found that residents were unhappy with the-then communications providers. A public referendum passed in 1997 with 94% approval allowing MPW to become a Communications Utility.

1974 - 1983

Power Generation, Unit 9 Built

A 1974 power supply study projected by 1982, summer peak would far exceed local resources and likely double by 1992. The Board chose to construct a 160,000 kW generator (Unit 9) in 1980 that went online in 1983.


Muscatine’s Signature Landmark Water Tower

In 1993, the old Weed Park water tower was decommissioned and replaced with a new water tower. The new water tower, along US 61 bypass, is one of Muscatine’s signature landmarks.

1967 - 1969

Unit 8 Built, Muscatine Municipal Water and Electric Becomes Muscatine Power and Water

In 1967, Muscatine’s growing industrial base continued to increase demand for power, and officials broke ground for a new 66,000 kW turbine generator (Unit 8) that went online in 1969.


Muscatine Municipal Water and Electric Headquarters, 3rd & Sycamore

Muscatine Electric Light Company and Municipal Water Works are merged, becoming Muscatine Municipal Water and Electric.


Muscatine Municipal Power Plant Electric Line Department

In 1922, Muscatine Electric Light Company was formed in response to local concerns about poor service from privately held electric companies.  The City of Muscatine approved and issued $350,000 in bonds to construct a new electric plant and distribution system.

The plant was completed in 1924 and the first application for electric service was made to Mayor Joseph B. Miller, who was assigned meter number one.


Water Works Infrastructure Begins

In 1900, Muscatine City Council bought Municipal Water Works after a referendum election vote was held and passed by citizens of Muscatine because citizen’s needs weren’t being met, noting a lack in advancements and much needed infrastructure.

At the time, the water was drawn directly out of the river without the benefit of a filtration system.  The mayor and council then appointed a three-person Board of Trustees to oversee operations.

Many changes have taken place since those early years, but one thing has remained the same – our commitment to providing outstanding, local customer service and our dedication to delivering the most reliable and affordable utility services possible.

What’s Next for MPW?

Power the Future Initiative - Evolve our power supply to maintain reliability, reduce environmental impact, optimize costs & risks and meet customer's evolving needs.

Electric Vehicle Initiative - Model and facilitate EV adoption in Muscatine.

New Interactive Customer Tools - Create a more interactive customer experience through increased self-service website functionality and enhanced outage maps.

Grow Our Services - Expand electric, water and communications services to better serve our community.