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CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Coal Combustion Residuals Information

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File an official complaint regarding fugitive dust issues at MPW CCR landfill.

CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

This page is intended to satisfy the requirement under the CCR Rule (section 257.107) to maintain a publicly accessible internet site containing the information specified in that section. The required information will be posted per the rules set forth in the CCR Rule.

Please direct any questions via email to ccr@mpw.org.

What are Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR)?

Coal combustion residuals are the materials that remain after pulverized coal is burned to generate electricity. There are several different types of materials produced including:

Fly Ash – a very fine, powdery material which “flies” up into the stack with flue gases and is removed by electrostatic precipitators;

Bottom Ash and Boiler Slag – coarse particles that are too large to be carried up into the stack, so they settle to the bottom of the combustion chamber;

Flue Gas Desulfurization Material (FGD) – a material leftover from the process of reducing sulfur dioxide emissions from a coal-fired boiler.

These materials have a wide range of beneficial uses in the construction, manufacturing, environmental remediation and other industries. Those not initially recycled for beneficial use are placed in the IDNR permitted CCR landfill.

Location Restrictions

Operating Criteria

Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action

Closure and Post-Closure Care

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