MP&W is very appreciative of the feedback and safety concerns we have received from community members as we work through the Fiber to the Home Project. We encourage you to continue to inform MP&W of any issues or safety concerns as the project continues to be completed.

MP&W would like to educate the community about AEG and their sub-contractors use of extension ladders while working on the Fiber to the Home Project. Extension ladders are often used to access the telecommunication lines that span between power poles. When performing this task, it may appear like the ladders are just leaning against the telecommunication line. The top of the ladder is attached to the telecommunication line with strand hooks that are installed on the top of the ladder. The strand hooks hold the ladder in place while work is performed. The telecommunication lines range from fifteen and a half feet to eighteen feet in height.

This is a common practice in the telecommunication industry and an accepted work practice by the Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). MP&W is and always will be committed to a Culture of Safety, where safety is everyone’s responsibility, with a belief that all accidents are preventable.