Every spring and summer MP&W and other utility companies remind customers that they are required by law to contact Iowa One Call at least 48 hours prior to breaking ground.

Most homeowners and contractors do make that call to have underground utilities marked, but several times each year someone seems to hit a buried line thinking that the colored flags and paint indicated the area was safe to dig!

If there is a colored flag or a colored paint mark on the grass, sidewalk or street, it indicates that a utility service is located below. Avoid that area, as underground utilities are present!

Whether it’s a major excavation or just a mailbox post, every time you plan to dig on your property, you must call Iowa One Call at 1-800-292-8989 (or 811) at least 48 hours prior to breaking ground. Homeowners can now submit their locate requests on-line by visiting: IowaOneCall.com or DigSafeWait48.com.


Underground Utility Locations

(800) 292-8989

Call before you dig!