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MPW Local Content

Get specialty programming and local content curated by local folks, only with MPW TV.

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Courtney Cooper

Senior Executive to the President

152 Colorado Street 
Larson Hall 64 
Phone: 563-288-6005 
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

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Produce and Air Your Own TV Show
Public Access Channel 9 – Exclusively on MPW TV

Local Public Access TV provides great local content for Muscatine area residents to enjoy a wide variety of community productions, including local talk shows like Muscatine In Focus with the Muscatine Mayor, Muskie Sports, community athletic and vocal competitions, religious services, musical programs, special events and talk shows.

In partnership with Muscatine Community College (MCC), this channel allows individuals and organizations to produce local programming to air on MPW Public Access Channel 9. Our objective is to strengthen our community by enhancing communication among residents through local content. The non-commercial forum provides a stage for ideas, information, and creative expression originating at the grass roots level.

Need help? MCC tech staff teaches users to use the equipment to produce your very own television show including the camera, lights, and editing equipment.  Once complete, MCC techs schedule your program to air on MPW Public Access!

To submit a pre-recorded program to the MCC Video Department for airing on Channel 9, the program must adhere to the submission guidelines and a completed “Producer’s Agreement” must be submitted along with the content. Program videos can be dropped off to the MCC Student Center Information Office, Monday – Friday from 8a.m. – 6:30p.m. or directly to the MCC Video Department in Larson Hall. 

To submit a Public Service Announcement (PSA), all announcements must be non-commercial in nature and need to be e-mailed, faxed or mailed to the Channel 9 Studio Manager.  The Channel 9 community bulletin board PSAs may be used by non-profit community groups, government departments, and educational institutions to submit event announcements.

Local Government in Action
CIVIC-TV Channel 2 – Exclusively on MPW TV

CIVIC-TV gives you unique access to the working of your local government.  Follow the important issues of the day through broadcast of City Council, County Supervisors and School Board meetings along with other programming and announcements. Tune in to channel 2 and keep an eye on the work of your elected officials and catch up on good things happening at Muscatine Schools.

Local Sports, Local People
Pearl City TV, Channel 3 –
Exclusively on MPW TV

Watch local sports and events with a focus on and presented by, local people. Muskie Sports, L-M Sports, Muscatine Today Show and more – get great useful, local content from Pearl City Media and Discover Muscatine.

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Local Educational Programming
Musser Public Library TV Channel 5 – Exclusively on MPW TV

The Musser Public Library is one of the oldest and most used educational resources in the community and now you can tune in to Channel 5 and enjoy exclusive, locally produced educational content featuring activities, stories, and talk direct from the library. Join the Musser Library staff daily as they make education fun and accessible for kids and adults alike.  

Stay Connected with MPW
MPW TV Channel 17 – Exclusively on MPW TV

Muscatine Power and Water maintains its own channel to broadcast Utility information, special offers, and programming. Channel 17 is a popular place to get quick tutorials on using your remote and on-screen guide to take full advantage of all that IPTV has to offer.

Local Programming Archive 
MPW Local OnDemand Channel 16 – Exclusively on MPW TV

Looking for a specific local sporting event, parade, utility information or other local program you missed? Tune to channel 16 or press the On Demand button and navigate to the Local On Demand folder. Inside you’ll find curated folders based on program type and subject.