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WiFi That Works

Faster and more secured internet in your home with less dead zones? Yes, please! MPW's WiFi@Home managed router solution makes getting these and MORE so much easier.

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MPW's WiFi@Home Managed Router Service -

Let us help improve your internet experience with a WiFi router you NEVER have to worry about!  Hassle free, and EASY.

WiFi At Home

Add our WiFi@Home managed wireless router solution to your existing MPW Internet service – a great resource for connecting all your devices.

What's included in this package:

✓ WiFi Router and power cord (must have MPW Internet).
✓ Ethernet cable.
✓ Wireless mapping to determine "dead zones" in home.
✓ Routine security and performance updates.
✓ Network support, including device connection management.
✓ MPW's local helpdesk support - we take care of everything related to the router for you!

Recommended for:
✓ Those seeking a hassle free router experience.


FREE for the first month, then $7.99/mo thereafter.  No contracts.

Add-on’s available with this package:
Extend Your Internet Signal
WiFi Extenders are available with our WiFi@Home service for just $4.99/mo – great for larger homes or to connect from an extended distance near the home.
WiFi@Home available only to new customers who do not currently have WiFi@Home service. Free for the first month, then $7.99/mo thereafter.

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The FASTEST speeds in town, now available at lower prices.

Most popular with families
Up to 15 devices
Stream on many devices
1-3 online gamers and video calls
WiFi@Home Included
250 Mbps
Great for music and video streaming
Up to 10 devices at a time
Stream on multiple devices
2-4 gamers
100 Mbps
Good for the home office or online-school user
Up to 8 devices at a time
Streaming on a few devices
1-2 gamers or video calls
Great for fully connected households
Up to 25 devices
Unlimited streaming
Unlimited online gaming
WiFi@Home Included
Take all the bragging rights
More than 25 devices
Unlimited streaming
Unlimited, multiplayer gaming
WiFi@Home Included
Add $5/mo without MPW TV
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