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From Our Muscatine Home To Yours

Whether you need power, water, internet, TV, or phone service—we’re here to make home in the Muscatine community better.

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Community Invested
Powering Generations of Families
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What's New?
Sustainable Energy at its best
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What's New?
Fiber Internet is here!
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Muscatine is now a Gigabit City

It was a big undertaking but we wanted the best for our community so we’ve installed fiber internet for 20x faster upload speeds than traditional cable.

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Want Service Now?

Take a look at some of our most popular services below

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Watch it all

Get Fiber TV

Watch the game, the news, your favorite shows and more.

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Call them all

Get Fiber Phone

Stay connected to the people that matter most.

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The world at your fingertips

Get Fiber Internet

The fastest speeds available for the whole family.

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Faster is better.

When it comes to communications services, speed really does matter. Upgrade your service today.

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Electricity and Power

Reliable, safe, and cost-effective electrical service

MPW is the largest municipal electric utility in Iowa. We provide power to Muscatine residents, businesses, and industries, and sell our excess capacity to wholesale markets and other utilities across the nation.

Generating our own electricity and selling our excess capacity helps us control costs and maintain rates that are among the lowest in Iowa – and significantly lower than the national average.

New to Muscatine?

Hey neighbor, welcome to the Muscatine and Fruitland community!
Welcome new residents!

Water, Power, Fiber internet, Fiber TV and Phone for the whole family.

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Growing Businesses

See all of our business services, designed for growing businesses. Reliable utilities, fast internet and more.

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Promotions and Bundle Offers

Every household wants the best available options for the best possible price. That’s why we created a variety of promotions, just for you.

You can sort and see all of our current promotions, including our best bundles!

We have a lot in common.

MPW employees live, work, dream and play in this community—just like you and your family.

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We root for the same teams
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We play the same course
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We learn new skills together
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We work hard, together
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We shop the same shops
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We admire the same river
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Our kids grow up together
backpack emoji We root for the same teams

On and off the field—We’re just as proud as you are of our Muskies!

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When you play golf you’re playing the same course we do. MPW water keeps it green.

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Our friends and family also receive an education at Muscatine Community College.

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We work hard together to bring reliable utility services that make our community thrive.

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We support our local business by shopping, dining and buying from stores in our community.

smiling-face-with-heart-eyes emoji We admire the same river

We enjoy the Mississippi too— and we care deeply about our local ecology.

hugging-face emoji Our kids grow up together

Our kids learn and grow together— they challenge one another and reach new heights.

Heck, you’re not just our neighbors
you’re our family— and that means something to us.

MPW Water Services

Clean, refreshing water proudly delivered by MPW

Our water originates in the Muscatine Island Aquifer. It is an excellent source of high-quality water located along the west bank of the Mississippi River flood plain. It covers about 50 square miles in Muscatine and Louisa counties. The wide segment of land consists primarily of sand and gravel with areas of silt and clay. It ranges from about 40 to 140 feet thick.