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Bringing value to our community by anticipating customer needs and providing highly reliable utility services has been our driving force since 1922.

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Favorable rates
Wholesale energy
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Renewable energy

Energy at MPW

Muscatine Power and Water’s energy portfolio showcases a diverse mix of energy sources that not only supply our customers with reliable, affordable energy, but also meets the growing demands of our local economy.

Local governance by MPW’s Board of Trustees, all who are residents of Muscatine and appointed by Muscatine City Council to represent our community’s needs, help drive decisions to continually invest in economical energy resources. As a result, our community will always have an adequate supply of power, delivered in the most fiscally responsible way.

Renewable Energy

Reliable, safe, and cost-effective electrical service

By continuing to be responsive to our community’s interests in diversifying our generation of energy through investments in renewable energy sources, we’ve been able to respond by providing sustainable benefits and programs without a significant negative rate impact to our customers. In 2016, MPW began incorporating renewables — wind — into our power portfolio with energy produced by the 13MW South Fork Wind Farm. Our newest planned venture in renewables, a 30 MW solar array, will be installed at our Grandview Avenue Wellfield.

Wholesale Energy

Even with our growth of local customers, MPW anticipates having excess energy for many years.

MPW can generate power when purchasing out of the wholesale market is too high, or purchase power when market prices are low — a benefit of membership of the Midwest Independent System Operator’s (MISO) wholesale market. Our ability and flexibility to purchase power at lower prices ensures customers are supplied with energy produced at the lowest cost.

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Energy Smarts

Savings and efficiency

We are committed to helping our customers save money. Simple strategies like weatherizing your home to purchasing energy efficient appliances can reduce energy consumption, lower your utility bill and help the environment.

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Submit your meter reading

MPW makes it easy and convenient to submit your electric and water meter readings.

Use our interactive meter to submit your readings today.

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Reliable energy at great rates

Electric Rates

We’re proud to deliver highly reliable electric service at low rates to our community.

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It's Electric!

Electric Vehicles

We’ve gone electric, with our new fleet of battery electric vehicles – part of our commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Our energy plan for the future

Powering the Future

We’re moving to greener, more sustainable energy solutions.  See the future of MPW energy.