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Innovative, Collaborative, Customer Service Oriented

Experience MPW's Culture

From the moment you join MPW, you'll be part of a team that’s driven by a collective goal: striving to improve our customer's experience with each of the products and services we offer.  Each day, we know that the work we do is helping to create a better place to live and work in our community.

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A Message from General Manager, Gage Huston

"Utility services are vital to any community's success and here, at MPW, we're proud to help the Muscatine community thrive.  We offer state-of-the-art communications through our all-fiber network and some of the lowest cost electric and water services in the country; all with award-winning reliability.  MPW is a municipal utility - driven not by profits, but by meeting or exceeding customers' needs.  It's our mission to focus on doing what's best for them.
We're in a period of significant capital investment.  We need strong team members to help us achieve our goals.  We're an employer of choice because we treat employees right, while challenging them to accomplish great things.  When you join the MPW family, you're joining a team of talented, dedicated individuals known for a culture of supporting each other, doing what's right, and setting a standard of excellence in all that we do."

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Employee Success

YOU get to lead your career

We're committed to helping each employee be successful every step of the way, and we provide the resources to be the best along with opportunities for professional development. At MPW, you'll find a supportive environment for both autonomy and collaboration, and innovation is highly encouraged throughout all levels in the company.

Wondering if Muscatine Power and Water is a Good Fit for You?

We have a history of long employee tenures

We're proud of the fact that MPW employees stay with MPW 3 TIMES longer than the national average worker.  We'd love to show you why.

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National Employee Tenure Average
MPW Employee Tenure Average
4 years
12.6 years

Great Opportunities for Growth In an Active Community

Hear from Jamie Recker, Chief Plant Engineer, about his career journey at MPW and why he enjoys living and working in Muscatine.

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Amazing benefits

Employee Benefits

Muscatine Power and Water offers some of the best benefits you’ll find in the region from excellent healthcare and vision coverage to a pension and so much more.

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Get involved

MPW Culture

Be a part of a team that’s driven by a collective goal and knowing the work we do is helping to create a better place to live and work in our community – see why we’re a good fit for you.

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Activities galore

Get to Know Muscatine

Muscatine offers so much to its residents, it’s tough to decide where to start! Hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, amazing restaurants and so much more.

Looking for Internship Opportunities at MPW?

We offer paid, full-time internship programs

MPW offers a paid, full-time internship program, giving interns an opportunity to grow their knowledge in a field of interest and gain hands-on experience. Throughout the program, interns will have a supervisor and work with a team that offers mentorship, support, and guidance. Interns are trusted with hands-on, self-driven projects that have a real impact on MPW and our customer-owners.

The Benefits?

✓ Paid Internships
✓  Hands-on Experience
✓  Mentorship from MPW Leaders
✓  Networking Opportunities
✓  Intern Lunches and Plant Tours
✓  Muscatine Summer Intern Events