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Protecting Muscatine’s Water with Backflow Prevention

Ensuring safe tap water delivered to homes and business across Muscatine is a protection we take seriously so residents can have peace of mind while enjoying clean, safe drinking water from MPW.

What does Backflow Prevention do?

MPW’s backflow prevention program is designed to protect our community's tap water from accidental contamination that can occur due to cross-connections. A cross-connection is any point where contaminants can "backflow" from the customer's point of use into the public water supply.

In order to prevent potential backflow, some customers are required to install and maintain backflow prevention devices. Do you need to install a backflow device?

Why Are Backflow Devices Required?

The Iowa state plumbing code requires cities with a population of 15,000 or greater (that’s us, Muscatine) to enact a backflow prevention program with a containment system. A reduced pressure zone backflow prevention device offers the most sophisticated level of protection from backflow or back siphonage. The reduced pressure zone backflow assembly shown to the left is the assembly-type MPW requires.

To further protect our water supply to you, MPW extends this requirement to all customers we provide water to. If you’d like more information, please read the MPW Water Service Rules, Backflow Prevention section 2-6.

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Do I Need to Install a Backflow Device?

If you meet one of the criteria below, an approved “reduced pressure zone backflow prevention assembly” must be installed.

Commercial & Industrial Business (Not used solely for residence) - installed immediately downstream from the meter.

Residential – Subdivisions (Privately owned water systems) - installed immediately downstream from the master water meter.

Residential – Single Family Homes & Duplexes - an approved reduced pressure zone backflow prevention assembly must be installed on any boiler, swimming pool, in-ground irrigation system, or yard hydrant that has a permanent connection to the home’s water piping system.

Residential – Apartment Buildings & Complexes - installed immediately downstream of any water meter serving general maintenance purposes or serving a boiler, swimming pool, in-ground irrigation, or a yard hydrant.

Fire Protection Systems - installed on all new and existing fire protection systems, which have any of the following:

  • Interconnections with auxiliary supplies such as reservoirs, rivers, ponds, wells, mills, or other industrial water systems.
  • Antifreezes or other additives in the fire protection system.
  • Any other facility, connection, or condition that may cause contamination including external connections for a fire department pump truck.
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Testing Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Backflow prevention assemblies must be tested when they are installed and at least once each year after that.  A certified backflow prevention assembly technician must complete testing to ensure that the backflow device is working properly. Get a Backflow Test Form.

Testing results should be submitted to:

Muscatine Power and Water
Attention: Water Department
3205 Cedar St, Muscatine, IA 52761
or Email your form
Backflow Prevention Questions: 563-262-3363

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Need annual backflow testing and certification?

The state of Iowa keeps a list of registered backflow prevention assembly testers by county.

Backflow Test Form

Download the Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report and submit 

Water Service Rules

Learn more about our water service rules and how they impact you.

Registered Backflow Testers

View a list of Iowa Backflow Testers