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Electric Rates

We invest in reliability to help keep your electric rates competitive.

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MPW is the largest municipal electric utility in Iowa, providing power to Muscatine residents, businesses, and industries, and selling our excess capacity to wholesale markets, serving other utilities across the nation. Generating our own electricity helps us control costs and maintain rates that are among the lowest in Iowa – and significantly lower than the national average. We have a generating nameplate capacity of 293.55 MW.

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  MPW Electric Rates Effective August 1, 2020*
Residential Electric 9.637¢ per kWh
Commercial I Electric 10.112¢ per kWh
Commercial II Electric** 6.381¢ per kWh (first 200 kWh/kW of actual demand)
4.380¢ per kWh (all additional kWh user per month
Industrial I Electric**  5.969¢ per kWh (first 200 kWh/kW of actual demand)
3.664¢ per kWh (all additional kWh used per month)
Industrial II Electric**  5.165¢ per kWh (first 200 kWh/kW of actual demand)
3.797¢ per kWh (additional kWh up to 10 million)
3.660¢ per kWh (all additional kWh used per month)

*Facilities Charge and Energy Adjustment Clause applies.
**Demand Charge applies.

Facilities Charge

This charge covers fixed costs that Muscatine Power and Water incurs to service each customer, regardless of usage. These costs include service facilities, meter reading, bill distribution, and payment processing.

Energy Adjustment Clause (EAC)

This adjustment reflects the variances in purchased power costs and wholesale energy margins (wholesale energy revenue less delivered fuel cost) from the costs/margins included for these amounts in our electric base rates. For more detailed calculations, please refer to the Electric Rate Brochure.

Demand Charge

This charge applies to some commercial and all industrial customers and is measured in kilowatts (kw). This is a measurement of capacity or the rate at which energy is used.  Demand represents the amount of energy used in 30-minute intervals during a billing cycle.  To measure demand, electric meters record the average demand usage over each 30-minute period and record the highest (peak) 30 minute period for the month.  Customers are billed on the peak value.

Business customers: to find out if you are a Commercial I or II, or an Industrial I or II customer, please contact Customer Service (563) 263-2631.

Electric Rates and Rules

View current electric rates, rate structures, and electric rate details.  Prices effective August 1, 2021 or view our electric service rules – your complete guide to answer electric service questions.

MPW Electric Utility Data

Generator Nameplate MPW Generator Capacity
Unit 7  25.00 MW
 Unit 8  75.00 MW
 Unit 8A  18.05 MW
 Unit 9  175.50 MW
 Total  293.55 MW