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Wind Energy from South Fork Wind Farm

More renewable energy resources are on the horizon. Choose to offset your energy usage with renewable energy today.

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Turning Wind into Watts

The South Fork Wind Farm, located just north of the Iowa border in Minnesota has been producing renewable power for MPW since 2016. Six state-of-the-art General Electric wind turbines, dedicated to generating power for MPW, can produce up to 13 megawatts (MW) of power, depending on wind conditions, and generates power for homes and businesses. The wind energy generated by the South Fork Wind Farm is just one part of MPW's renewable vision. Currently, the Utility is researching the installation of a utility-scale solar array installation to be located directly in Muscatine.

Learn more about solar and MPW's renewable energy program - contact us today.

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Looking Back: Blade Signing

On Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, MPW’s current General Manager, Gage Huston, took part in a traditional “blade signing” ceremony at the South Fork location to celebrate the beginning of the Utility’s first foray into large-scale renewable energy production.

Visit our Facebook blade signing gallery to view images and read the full press release.

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Carbon Calculators

Carbon calculators illustrate how personal choices in your electricity consumption, transportation, travel, diet, waste reduction and recycling impact carbon emissions. Two carbon calculators to help you determine your carbon footprint and resources to help you reduce it come from the EPA and The Nature Conservancy.

Youth Education

Learn more about our annual energy poster contest for local students and scholarships.

Iowa Energy Center

Learn more about energy plans in Iowa, technology-based research and development investments, alternative fuel vehicle initiatives and more.

MPW's EV Technology

MPW has invested in electric vehicle technology, including local public charging stations.  We’re committed to championing this technology for our community.