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Renewable Energy for Business

Meet Sustainable Energy Goals with Choose Green Muscatine

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Renewable Energy Business Questions?

Paul Burback
Energy Services Advisor
Phone:  563-263-3423

Choose Green Muscatine is a Green-e® Energy Certified* renewable energy program from Muscatine Power and Water.  Through it, YOU have the buying power to choose. You can cover all or a portion of your company’s energy by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equal to the usage. By participating in Choose Green, you’re choosing to be a part of sustainable change by increasing the demand for renewable energy.

Obstacles that businesses looking at renewable energy solutions may face can be:

  • Upfront material and installation costs
  • Additional structural improvements, equipment repairs and ongoing maintenance
  • Potentially “negative” curb appeal
  • Building orientation not conducive, or neighboring structures/landscaping interfering with solar installations
  • Valuable real estate needed for installations


How Does It Work?

Choose Green Muscatine offers a completely “hands-off” approach for businesses to meet renewable energy or sustainability goals. There’s nothing to build, maintain, or set-up on site to be a part of this program. Choose Green Muscatine participants help ensure we’re bringing new, green energy into our energy pool with no up-front costs and a low unit cost.

Wind turbines at our South Form Wind Farm provide Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for every 1,000 kWh of renewable energy produced. Each REC is serialized, independently recorded, and tracked through Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS).

You can choose the electricity used for a single product line or all of your organization’s electrical consumption when deciding how many RECs you would like to purchase. We will retire an equivalent number of RECs based on your organization’s participation in the Choose Green Muscatine program.

A certificate indicating the number of RECs that were retired on your company’s behalf will be provided to verify your support and achievement in sustaining renewable energy. The RECs are yours to promote as you see fit and can no longer be claimed or marketed by anyone else, including MPW.

Testimonial: “Choose Green Muscatine” Renewable Energy Certificates Benefits a Local Company


Be a Renewable Energy Leader!

Choose Green is an easy, affordable and completely customizable solution to help you meet renewable energy and sustainability goals through renewable energy certificates. When your company participates, you become a progressive, renewable energy leader and reduce the demand for non-renewable forms of energy. Choose Green Muscatine helps conserve more natural resources and reduces environmental impact.

*Choose Green Muscatine is Green-e® Energy Certified product, which meets all requirements of the Green-e® Energy program and that is sold or transacted by an entity contractually allowed to do so by Center for Resource Solutions.  The Green-e® Energy certifies three products types: REC products, electricity products sold in deregulated markets, and electricity products sold in regulated non-competitive markets.