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Renewable Energy

Offering a renewable energy portfolio that best serves our customers and keeps reliability and affordability at the forefront of all we do.

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MPW - a local leader in clean energy

The renewable vision

MPW first included renewable energy into our power portfolio in 2016 with the incorporation of wind energy provided by the South Fork Wind Farm.   Since then, generating power using renewable energy resources has become even more common in the transition to cleaner energy.  MPW diligently evaluates energy sources that provide sustainability benefits without having a significant negative rate impact to our customers.

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Choose Green Muscatine

You can make a difference!

With MPW’s Choose Green Muscatine program, customers increase the demand for renewable energy through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (REC’s) from our Green-e® Energy Certified renewable energy program.  Customers can choose some or all of their energy usage be covered by renewable wind energy - reducing their carbon footprint.  The best part…it’s very low cost to participate with zero up-front costs! Watch our video to see how it works

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We’re Powering the Future

With our Powering the Future initiative, MPW is redefining the future of energy generation by developing forward-thinking clean energy solutions providing both reliability and affordability. The future is coming and we're embracing change to do what's best for our community. Watch our video to learn more.

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Wind Energy

Turning wind into watts

In 2016, the South Fork Wind Farm began producing renewable energy for MPW. The 13-megawatt wind farm produces energy - placed on the electrical grid – for consumption by homes and businesses in Muscatine.  Besides the benefits of diversifying MPW's generation resources and advancing the Utility's core value of environmental stewardship, wind energy allows MPW to proactively meet customer's demand for renewable energy options.  South Fork Wind Farm is just one part of MPW's renewable vision.

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Sustainability at MPW

In this presentation, learn more about how MPW beneficially reuses byproducts, how we're focusing and promoting energy conservation, how we're powering the future with more renewable energy, and how local MPW customers can partner with MPW on sustainability in our community.