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Compare Internet Packages

Which internet package is right for you and your family? Compare packages side-by-side.

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What Package Is Right For Me?

As you determine what package is right for you, consider how many devices are connected at one time and how often that actually happens. For most, many devices are usually connected at the same time – laptops, smartphones, internet-connected TVs streaming shows and movies, tablets, gaming consoles, security cameras and smart-home connected devices should all be taken into consideration as you make your decision.

Compare Internet Packages

For customers connected to the MPW Fiber service area

100 Mpbs

250 Mbps

1000 Mbps
(1 Gig)

2000 Mbps
(2 Gig)

5000 Mbps
(5 Gig)

Download/Upload Speeds 100/100 Mbps 250/250 Mbps 1000/1000  Mbps 2000/2000 Mbps 5000/5000 Mbps
Recommended # of Connected Devices Up to  8 Up to  10 Up to  15 Up to  25 More than  25
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WiFi@Home Wireless Router
(Additional $7.99/mo, serviced by MPW)
Available Available Included Included Included
Available in Bundle
(Bundle internet with TV and/or Phone for a better price)
Dynamic/Static IP Address 2 dynamic 2 dynamic 2 dynamic 1 static 1 static
Price $45.99
If no TV add $5
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If no TV add $5
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If no TV add $5
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If no TV add $5. Add $99.99 Install fee.
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If no TV add $5. Add $99.99 install fee.
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Up to Gig speeds


Enjoy Muscatine’s fastest speeds on an all fiber network.  Stream, work, and play!

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Hundreds of channels


Choose from a variety of TV packages to meet your TV entertainment needs.  Watch online, record shows and more.

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All fiber phone network


Reliable phone service on an all fiber network with some of the lowest prices in town!