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Streaming Video, Music and Apps

Stream many of your favorite TV shows, movies and songs anywhere in the U.S. and stream your favorite local TV shows on MPW’s network.

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Stream TV anywhere you have an internet/WiFi connection in the U.S.. It’s included!

Your subscription to MPW TV gives you streaming access to programming on 85+ TV networks,  including live broadcasts (Select TV and above) and on demand content. Take your favorite shows, movies and sports with you for FREE!  Why pay extra for other streaming video services when you get VIP access to THOUSANDS of hours of video with WatchTVEverywhere (WTVE) and MPW TV?

Access all content on your PC, Smartphone, or tablet at home, the office, a hotel, airport, waiting room —  anywhere you have an Internet signal, you can watch TV. Register, login, read FAQs and check out the available channels.


Get MyTVs – Control Your TV From Anywhere

Use your phone or tablet as your remote control, set recordings, and stream local TV shows – included with MPW TV

With the MyTVs app, you can use your phone or tablet to change the channel on your TV, set DVR recordings*,  and view a live TV guide from anywhere in the country.  AND you can watch local TV shows – all of this is included with your MPW TV package.  Every TV subscriber (Basic and above) can access the live stream from many local originating channels when on MPW’s network. Catch the Quad Cities area evening news, primetime network shows and live sports on the Big 4 network affiliates. Watch the Weather Channel, PBS or C-Span plus, MeTV, THIS, MPW local access channels and more. All you need is the MyTVs app and to sync your account with your set-top box.  Watch this 30 second video to learn more.  View instructions for this feature.
*DVR recording features requires the purchase of Advanced DVR service.



Also included with your MPW TV service - listen to your favorite music channels anywhere in the U.S. with an internet/WiFi connection or on your TV.

The Perfect Music for Any Occasion

Stream music you love anywhere

STINGRAY Music gives you the music you love — all genres, continuous, AD-FREE, right at your fingertips, on your TV and your mobile devices! The best music for any moment, place or mood in your life.  Sign up for MPW TV, get STINGRAY Music included!

Listen with MPW TV

Enjoy popular music in your own home

At home, enjoy a minimum of *50 commercial-free music channels.  STINGRAY Music is FREE with your MPW TV subscription.  On the go with the mobile app, enjoy even more customizable options based on your personal preferences.  Thousands of tracks professionally curated by the world’s best music programmers into genre, era  and theme to match your activity and mood.

*Number of channels available dependent upon device used to listen to music. More channels available via the Stingray Music app.