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MPW TV Equipment

Remote control options that allow you flexible TV control, and set top boxes with advanced features – all available when you choose MPW TV.

MPW TV Remote Controls and Guides

Our most popular TV remote control

Full feature Potenza remote

The Potenza remote features all the buttons you’ll need to enjoy your MPW TV viewing experience with quick access to advanced buttons on the remote to toggle between devices, video/show playback controls and much more.

Easy on the eyes

The Big Button remote

The Big Button remote is popular among those who like to see more clearly! View larger buttons that help make your MPW TV viewing experience even more enjoyable.  Get basic access to all the important features you'll regularly use on your Big Button remote.


Download this guide


Our most advanced set top boxes

Advanced DVR and HD capable with fastest processing speeds

While all MPW TV services need a set top box to deliver your favorite shows and movies to your TV, you'll have the choice between a premium set top box that's advanced DVR-capable, has on-screen guides, HD capable, the fastest processing speeds we offer and features additional non-standard wiring options, or choose our standard set top box.

Your first box is $6.99 and only $4.99 for each box thereafter – a great deal!

TV set top boxes

Our Standard Set Top Box

A set top box that’s HD and advanced DVR capable

A great choice to deliver quality video to your TV HD and advanced DVR capabilities and standard wiring options.  (Subject to CAT-6 Availability)

Get this box for $3.99/mo!