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Energy Conservation Tips and Programs

Keep your energy use and costs down with Muscatine Power and Water’s energy conservation programs.

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Energy Inspections

Want to save money by saving energy? We can help!

How energy efficient is your home? MPW’s free residential energy inspection can help you find out. Our Energy Services Advisor will come to your home to perform an energy audit, discuss your home’s insulation levels check caulking/weather stripping around windows and doors, and your electrical usage. You’ll then receive guidance on how to personally save energy in your home AND a minimum of five free LED light bulbs, a low-flow shower head, and faucet aerators – items that can save you money every month! Call 262-3423 for an inspection today or fill out our form to get started.

A/C Checkup Program

Get your A/C in tip-top shape

With MPW’s A/C Checkup program, you can help keep your cooling costs low during the summer by conserving energy AND receive $10 off an A/C Checkup or Inspection from a participating HVAC provider.  This form is your ticket to a $10 discount off of you’re A/C inspection or checkup - ask your HVAC provider if they participate in our program.

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LED Light Bulb Exchange Program

Swap them out - get FREE LED light bulbs

Switch your bulbs, get free LED’s!  MPW electric customers get free, energy-saving light bulbs when you switch them out from your inefficient incandescent light bulbs.  These ENERGY STAR® qualified LED bulbs use about 90% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 35-50 times longer.  These LEDs still offer the same warm, soft light you're used to in an array of color options/temperatures (referred to as Kelvin).

To participate, bring us your old incandescent light bulbs (limit 2 per month, per household to receive 2 LEDs) to our Business Office at 3205 Cedar Street anytime during normal business hours to exchange them for your new FREE LEDs.

Make the switch today — for you, your wallet, and for the environment. It's the smart choice.

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What Lights Are Best?

LED Buyer's Resource

Need more information before deciding on new lamps for your home?

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Recycle your bulbs

CFL Recycling Information

Learn more about recycling compact fluorescent bulbs.

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Get wise

WiseEnergy Tools to Save Energy

We’re sharing our inside information on tools, guides and checklists to help you save energy.