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Outages | Report an Outage

Check our maps for electric, internet, TV, and phone outages and neighborhood flushing.

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Services Out?

If your power, internet, TV, phone or water service is out or running slow, please check our maps, first, before reporting an outage. If you're aware of an outage, you may report an outage now.  If this is a utility emergency, please call 563-263-2631 and press "0".


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Power or Internet Out?

Electric & Communications Outage Map

Please check this map if your electricity or communications services aren't working to see if there's an outage in your area before reporting an outage.

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Water low on pressure?

Hydrant Flushing Map

Please check our flushing map if your water is low on pressure or discolored to see if flushing is occurring in your area before reporting an outage OR learn more about spring and fall flushing.

Report An Outage

If you've confirmed there's an outage on our maps in your neighborhood, there is NO NEED to report an outage - we're already aware and working to restore service.  If your neighborhood is not shown as having an outage on our maps, please report the outage below.

    Report An Outage

    Please ensure you've checked our outage map and instructions before reporting any outages.

    Note: we'll note your account with the outage you've reported and check back in on you to ensure your services are restored if you've shared your account number with us.