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Payment Plans and Financial Assistance

Whether you want to help others, or if you need financial assistance, payment arrangements, or a loan - we have options to help.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Sometimes, members in our community can use a helping hand, financially.  Through support with local agencies and customer contributions, those struggling to pay their utility bills may be able to get financial assistance.  If you’re having difficulty paying your utility bill, call MPW Customer Service right away at (563) 263-2631.  Our customer service representatives are here to work with you to help prevent disruptions to your service.

We’re fortunate to have several agencies in our community who are willing to lend a hand in times of need. In addition to working with MPW Customer Service, please contact any of the agencies below to learn more about utility financial assistance programs they offer.
Community Action – Eastern Iowa
Muscatine County Community Services
Muscatine County DHS Office
Salvation Army

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Project Share

Donate to Area Neighbors In Need

MPW customers can help area neighbors in need by contributing to Project Share - a voluntary, tax deductible energy assistance program that helps community members in Muscatine, with a financial need, pay their winter utility bills. Consider supporting community members in need this winter. It's a simple way to share some warmth with those who need it!

Donating is easy:
- add a contribution to your monthly utility bill or,
- make a donation directly to Project Share
Donations collected are given to Community Action -Eastern Iowa for distribution.

Mail donations to:
3205 Cedar St
Muscatine, IA 52761
Include a note that you would like your donation applied to Muscatine Area Project Share. If donating online, you’ll have the opportunity to note special instructions to apply your donation to Project Share for Muscatine.

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Payment Plans

Getting behind on utility bills? We can help with that.

When the bills start piling up and you’re unsure how to make ends meet, we’re happy to help set-up payment arrangements to help you through those difficult times. A member of our customer service team can help by spreading payments out over 3-12 months, depending on the service, and offer other local agency assistance information.

Utility Loan Program

Don't let upfront costs of some major projects be a show-stopper

Interest-free financing is available exclusively to MPW customers for eligible home and building improvement projects which improve energy efficiency, reliable distribution of services, and community beautification.
Eligible projects include:
✓ Level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles, available to residential customers
✓ Installing a drop to connect to a new service address to MPW’s fiber infrastructure
✓ Conversion of overhead service to 200 amp underground service
✓ Replacement of customer water service line (between the water meter and the main)
✓ Installation of ground source heat pumps (geothermal)
✓ Installation of air source heat pumps
✓ Installation of Energy Star heat pump water heaters
✓ Participation in Utility-sponsored renewable energy projects

To help make these types of improvements a reality, home and business owners can access our Utility Loan Program. The loan program is interest free and can be paid back over an extended period of time.

To get started, contact Customer Service at 563-263-2631

Water Service Line Warranty Program

Don’t get caught by surprise with unexpected water service line repair costs

The cost to make repairs to homeowners’ water service line can be costly. Most homeowners are unaware the connection from the water distribution main to the meter outside homes/offices are owned and maintained by individual property owners.
To protect yourself BEFORE an unfortunate situation occurs, we’ve formed a partnership with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer our customers coverage via a warranty program. Their warranty program can cover the cost of expensive service line repairs.