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Water Rates

We've got great water rates that are below the national and state averages.

Muscatine sits atop a plentiful groundwater supply (The Muscatine Island Aquifer) and our efficient well and transmission system delivers over 10 billion gallons annually to citizens, business and industry. Our unique production and distribution system helps keep costs down for consumers as shown here — significantly lower than nearby cities in Iowa.

MPW Water Rates Comparison Per CCF



MPW Water Rates Table
Water Rates Effective July 1, 2023  
    Inside City Outside City
Residential Water  
  Facilities Charge $16.00/mo $18.44/mo
  Commodity Charge $1.5100/CCF $1.6658/CCF
  Minimum Bill Applicable Facilities Charge
Commercial Water  
  Facilities Charge $23.64/mo for 5/8″ & 3/4″ $27.19/mo for 5/8″ & 3/4″
    $28.36/mo for 1″ $32.64/mo for 1″
    $37.81/mo for 1 1/2″ $43.29/mo for 1 1/2″
    $47.27/mo for 2″ and up $54.38/mo for 2″ and up
  Commodity Charge $0.9356/CCF – per CCF $1.0825/CCF – per CCF
    $0.821/CCF – per CCF $0.9442/CCF – per CCF

Facilities and Commodity Charge applies to all water customers. CCF = 100 Cubic Feet. Minimum bill = Facilities Charge plus Demand Charge.

Water Rates Brochure, Water Filter Brochure and Water Service Rules: