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We’re happy to announce that MachLink Fiber TV subscribers will see more HD quality content starting Thursday, May 30th! The SD to HD upgrade will take place on May 30th from 2am-6am and is possible because of the additional system capacity created as part of the Fiber To The Home project — just one more advancement Fiber brings our customers.

The conversion will be seamless for most viewers.  NOTE– customers who have previously set individual or series DVR recordings for any of the channels being converted will need to reset their recording(s) on Thursday after 6am.   To view existing series recordings that will need to be reset, click on Menu on your remote, scroll to Recordings and click OK, then to Series and click OK, then cDVR to open your series recordings list.  The same process will apply to individual (Future) recordings and you’ll need to select Future from the recordings menu instead of Series as previously noted.

This upgrade to high definition (HD) is at no additional cost to customers – just enjoy the new picture quality on your HD-ready TV! 

The SD to HD upgrade impacts the following fiber TV channels:

  • American Heroes (Ch. 151)
  • BBC America (Ch. 155)
  • Cooking Channel (Ch. 166)
  • C-Span (Ch. 25)
  • C-Span 2 (Ch. 26)
  • Discovery Familia (Ch. 199)
  • Discovery en Español (Ch. 198)
  • Discovery Family (Ch. 171)
  • Discovery Life (Ch. 172)
  • DIY (Ch. 161)
  • ESPN Deportes (Ch. 193)
  • EWTN (Ch. 28)
  • GSN – Game Show Network (Ch. 91)
  • IFC – Independent Film Channel (Ch. 95)
  • INSP – Inspirational (Ch. 29)
  • Investigation Discovery (Ch. 117)
  • RFD TV (Ch. 90)
  • TCM – Turner Classic Movies (Ch. 93)

Happy HD viewing!