Muscatine Power and Water (MPW) made several additions and changes to its cable TV channel line-up this month. Several have been launched, others have moved, and one additional network is set to premiere in the coming weeks.

Among the moves are several changes to cable news channels. The often-requested NewsMax network debuted February 20 on MPW channel 181 with FOX Business moving to channel 182. Earlier this month, NewsNation moved to channel 185 to keep it adjacent to the other cable news channels.

Also added earlier in February was EarthX TV and Rewind TV. EarthX, available on MPW TV channel 148, is a new network featuring programming dedicated to the environment, sustainability, conservation, nature, and other lifestyle features. Rewind TV on channel 100, features classic TV shows from the ‘80’s, ‘90s and beyond.

Still to come is Fun Roads TV. Set to debut on channel 167, Fun Roads provides a family friendly, “road trip” experience that feeds curiosity and wanderlust with content related to travel camping, leisure, and exploration.

We are excited to enhance MPW’s channel line-up and provide our customers with a more diverse range of content,” said Erika Cox, director of customer and technology experience.

All of these channels will be available to subscribers at Select level and above. Rewind will also be available to Basic level subscribers.