Muscatine Power and Water (MPW) has previously communicated about a January 26 cyber-event on their corporate network environment and the impacts from that event. In an effort to operate with transparency and candor, the Utility’s goal, from the beginning, was for customers to hear details directly from MPW as quickly as they could share information.

MPW has released this final communication about that event, in order to give the public an update about the next steps for customers whose personally identifying information (PII) was potentially impacted during the event. To date, no known cases of identity theft from this event have been detected. However, MPW has partnered with national credit protection service provider TransUnion to handle the customer notifications and to provide support for customers enrolling in complimentary credit and identify theft monitoring service.

The notification letter will detail exactly what PII was potentially impacted and will be mailed via US postal mail starting Friday, March 1. The mailing and delivery process is expected to last 1-3 weeks. If you are not sent a letter, your PII was not determined to be potentially impacted.

MPW encourages everyone to take full advantage of these monitoring services, just as they have fortified their own defenses to prevent future cyber threat attempts.

The Utility also wants to thank customers for the grace they’ve shown during this difficult time. MPW’s commitment to the security and privacy of personal data remains one of our highest priorities. As a municipal utility and as employees living in this community, the trust of their customers is paramount, and again, they thank everyone for their support and understanding.

To recap, the notification letter will contain details specific to each customer potentially impacted, steps to take, and a toll-free number to a hotline established to assist customers enrolling in the complimentary credit and identity theft monitoring service. Assistance with that service is beyond the scope of what MPW Customer Service and HelpDesk can help with, however, if customers want to voice anything related to this matter, please feel free to contact MPW directly at

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